Top 10 Biggest Crypto Billionaires In World (April 2022)

Cryptocurrency is one of the most advanced and decentralized technologies in the future. Now, it has become a significant part of investments and trading at this point. Today we consider it as a digital asset instead of digital currency. But, some people became a billionaire by just doing trading in crypto. So, Here is the list of “Top 10 Biggest Crypto Billionaires In World 2022” in this post.

List of Top 10 Richest Crypto Billionaires In World

These all are normal persons like everyone else but they analyse and study Blockchain technology. They consider it the future of finance. But, it is difficult for most of us to believe that anyone can earn money in billion by investing in bitcoin and other digital assets. Here we have mentioned the complete list.

Changpang Zao$65 Billion
Sam-Bankman Fried$24 Billion
Brian Armstrong$6.6 Billion
Gary Wang$5.9 Billion
Chris Larsen$4.3 Billion
Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss$4 Billion
Song Chi-Hyung$3.7 Billion
Barry Silbert$3.2 Billion
Jed MacCaleb$2.5 Billion

So, we have seen the Top 10 Biggest Crypto Billionaires with their total net worth they have just made just by these digital assets. Also, Most of them are founders and CEO of their respective brokers or exchanges. Well, the interest of decentralization is also increasing significantly. So, we should also invest a small amount of our income in these new blockchain based assets.

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