On Tuesday night in America, the Orlando Magic won the NBA draft lottery and they have secured NO.1 overall selection.

This is the fourth time The Magic have now won the No. 1 overall pick, which is great news for them.

The last time they won this chance in 2004, they choosed the Dwight Howard as their first overall pick.

And other top 4 teams include the Oklahoma City Thunder,  Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings, and Detroit Pistons.

Last season, The magic had not qualified for the playoffs for two years in a row. Also, It is a big disappointment for everyone.

They have the second-worst finish of 22-60, but now they have to get themselves as an emerging winner.

There are not many surprises have come out from this lottery, but the Sacramento Kings got the fourth overall choice.

Portland Trail Blazers have picked Damian Lillard and get back in it after 8 years of consecutive losses.

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