We are going to see the complete list of Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization in May 2022 with total market value. 

Bitcoin(BTC), Market Cap: $548 Billion. It is the most famous and the first with highest single coin value.

Ethereum(ETH), market cap: $236 Billion. Coin has shown a significant growth of 18,000% in just 5 years.

Tether(USDT), market cap: $82 Billion. It is the stable coin with the highest value and its price is not volatile as other coins.

U.S Dollar Coin(USDC), market cap: $49 Billion. It is another stable coin and it is founded in September 2018.

Binance Coin(BNB), market cap: $44 Billion. You can do trading and use it as payment in its crypto exchange.

XRP(market cap: $18 Billion) has a price of $0.0006 in 2017 but now it has a price of  $0.39 its value has been raised by 64 times.

Binance USD, market cap: $17 Billion). This coin is the second stable of the biggest crypto exchange to make things easier.

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