Dallas Mavericks are not packing their belongings right now, it is not that much simple to stop them.

And now this time, it was the last chance for the mavericks to delay their elimination at home in NBA

On Tuesday night, the Dallas has easily defeated the previous winners golden state warriors by 109-119 score in Game 4.

Also, it is the first win for the mavericks of the western Conference playoffs, that comes after three consecutive loses.

The series, which is presently 3-1 in favour of the Warriors, but it is so early to predict the winners of playoffs from these two teams.

Reggie Bullock also has a 18 points score in which he hits six of them and he has also contributed to the team's win.


After a close first quarter, the mavericks has taken a lead of 15 points just after the second quarter of the match.


Luka Doncic has proved him again by scoring 30 points , 14 rebounds, and nine assists. But he had not played his best yet.

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