On Saturday, The Miami heat second time crashes the Boston Celtics and won game 3 with a score of 103-109.

The Heat grabs a 2-1 series lead in the Eastern Conference playoffs after crashing Boston's comeback.

The heat has a huge lead of 25 points after the end of the second quarter and they have already taken an edge over their opponent.

But the Heat could not take the advantage of this margin over the Celtics and wasted it in the second half.

Bam Adebayo led the Heat with his score of 31 points on his own which includes ten rebounds, and six assists.

while P.J. Tucker added 17 points and grabbed seven rebounds, including four crucial free throws late in the fourth quarter.

Jaylen Brown helped the Celtics to limit Miami's advantage to 93-92 by scoring a 3-pointer in the match.

The situation became more challenging when the Heats had to play without jimmy butler after the second quarter.

Adebayo was leading the game for Miami from the starting by scoring 12 points in the first quarter.


And the match has faced some sort of injuries, that tried to hinder but players did not let them succeed.


Jayson Tatum's performance was a big concern for the Celtics, he even struggled to score his first point.


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