According to figures issued on Wednesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation slowed slightly in April.

As per the data released, The total annual rate has been reduced to 8.3% in April, which was at 8.5% in march. 

For the very first time in the last 8 months, the Consumer Price Index fell. Inflation can reach its 40 years peak.

It is easy to calculate your own personal inflation rate. It would give a great idea of your expenses and savings.

Firstly, collect all of your big expenses including card's bills, education, travels, trips, shoppings bills etc.

Keep your  calculations simple by converting your annual payments in to  monthly basis and analyse them deeply.

Total your monthly spending for April 2021 to get your own inflation rate for April in any year in the same way.


Calculate the difference of both year's Aprils and multiply it by your April 2021 monthly costs to get your own inflation rate.


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