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Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 2022 goes: ‘Eclipse for the Americas’

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The moon is soaked in the reflected crimson and orange colours of Earth's as the celestial drama unfolds the Sunday night.

It is continued until early Monday morning. A complete moon eclipse illuminates Santa Monica Beach in Santa Monica.

Moon eclipsed for nearly 1½ hour It is one of the longest totalities, it will be the first "blood moon" of the year 2022.

Weather permitting, viewers across the eastern half of North America, as well as Central and South America, will enjoy front-row seats for the whole event.

When the earth passes between the moon and the sun, a complete eclipse occurs, casting a shadow on our constant cosmic companion. 

At the peak of the lunar eclipse, at midnight on the east coast, the moon will be 2,25,000 miles distant away.

Across November, there will be another long total lunar eclipse, this time in Africa and Europe. Then, there is another one in 2025.

Nasa's asteroid-hunting Lucy spacecraft, launched last year, will picture this weekend's eclipse event from miles away.

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