On Friday at Bernabeu, one of the Most popular teams, Real Madrid has played a draw against the Real Betis.

There was nothing to play for either side, with the Madrid has already crowned as the champions of league.

As the Betis already know that they are not gonna play in the champions league this time, they lost their spot.

It is more like a practice or warm-up match for Madrid for the upcoming champion league's final next week.

Before the start of the game, Madrid has received a hero's welcome and followed that up to Betis on ground.

Madrid is preparing itself for the champions league final against Liverpool by making in-game plans.

The team has given rest to his best defender, David Alaba as their only missing player from their squad.


They want their best players to be 100%  fit before its final, Player's fitness plays key role in a team's win.


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