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Rebel Wilson and the cast of 'Senior Year' talk about their new Netflix film and how to deal with today's social media pressures

Rebel shared her U.S. permanent resident card on her official Instagram account on the occasion of her 42nd birthday, 

Rebel has revealed that Senior Year is her third picture, and the Netflix team must expecting their fans to support their work

The movie is completely  based on new generation and it shows the gap between human's interactions due to social media

Now a days, social media and phones are everything for us. The film's co-stars and rebel can relate themselves to this easily. 

Stephanie, character, for her the social media is nothing but just a online contest but now it has not limited to their schools only.

Tiffany in Senior Year played by actress Zo Chao, the grown-up version of Stephanie's 2002 high school enemy and classmate.

 Joshua Colley portrays Yaz, a team member of Stephanie's and one of her good friends and always supports her.

Avantika(Janet), is a 17-year-old close friend of Yaz, and she is also the part of a group and it is also a interesting character.

With a huge new cast with an experienced actress Rebel, the team has admired her as 'captain of fun' and many more.

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