Mobile is the most important electronic gadget in our life. So, here are the top 10 Biggest Mobile companies in the World.

10. Nokia is an MNC which was founded on 12 May 1865. It has also launched some new models in the recent few years.

9. LG is the biggest electronic brand in many countries but it can make itself better by increasing its market reach.

8. Lenovo is the second biggest brand of computers, and some smartphone models are also famous and easy to use.

7. Motorola has a total sales of 12 Million per year and It is also popular in most of the Asia specific regions like India.

6. Vivo is the third-largest tech Chinese company and it has a variety of models, which are famous for their cameras.

5. Oppo is another Chinese brand with a total sales of 29 million units per year and net revenue of $137.7 Million.

4. The biggest Chinese mobile company, Xiaomi has a net profit of $25.4 Billion with a sale of $ 119 Million per year.

Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 10, all Note Series models and  Mi Ultra Series are the most liked smartphone of Xiaomi.

3. Huawei, a company with lots of successful mobiles as well as their simplicity, design and latest features is more than enough.

2. Biggest tech company, Apple, and its iPhone is the most valuable phone of the time and a dream for most of the persons.

1. Samsung, is the largest tech company for smartphones with total market revenue of $ 211.2 Billion all over the Globe.

Samsung M-series, Galaxy series, A series and S series are the most liked, popular and valuable mobile series in the world.

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