Recently, the crypto or bitcoin crash has destroyed the momentum of the market and support of all coins.

Also, the market cap of crypto has declined significantly due to which most investors have a fear of loss. 

cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other Altcoins are now declining at a very high rate as we know that crypto coins are highly volatile

Cryptocurrency crashes depend on various factors and also on the other financial related market's situations.

Most of these crashes are influenced by interests rate, inflation, and many other macroeconomic variables.

The current downturn in the crypto market, according to industry analysts, is being driven by two primary factors.

The US Federal Reserve to battle rising inflation and stabilise markets, and the implosion of terraUSD, a so-called stablecoin

To combat the pandemic-driven economic slowdown, the Fed slashed interest rates, or the cost of borrowing.

As per the CoinGecko statistics, crypto's valuation has more than half from its peak in $3 Trillion in November 2021.

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